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Container Conversions – Professional Service and Fast Turnaround

Container conversions can represent a fast and affordable way to create a commercial or private space for both businesses and individuals. AJC Retail is an industry leader in container conversions that provides a high quality service and fast turnaround times. We take a closer look in the following post.

What Can You Create from a Container?

We specialise in creating innovative solutions for customers who think outside of the box, including fully bespoke design options. So, whatever you want from your container conversion, the possibilities really are limitless – just let us know and we’ll do the rest. We have created everything from shops to classrooms and from cafes to holiday pods.

What Are the Processes of Container Conversions?

It all starts with a chat between us and the customer. This helps to ensure that we understand exactly what you need from your container conversion.

Container Conversions

Next, our talented design team will create a detailed 3D model for the you, using high end computer aided design software. This 3D model provides a realistic representation of what the finished product will look like.

Once your are happy with the design, fabrication then takes places in our very own manufacturing facility. Here, located in the county of Bedfordshire, we employ the use of cutting edge equipment and install all necessary kit according to your requirements. This includes internal electrics, specialist cooking facilities and hygiene grade finishes.

Cost Effective and Fast Turnaround

Container conversions upcycle former shipping containers. So, because we’re using partially fabricated units, we’re able to provide great turnaround times on our conversion projects. This is also a factor that helps us to keep overheads down – something that our customers also benefit from.

Container Conversions – Find Out More

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