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Cooking Van for Sale – To Buy or Not To Buy?

Starting out in the catering industry can be difficult with the cost of real estate meaning shops are out of reach for many. For this reason, lots of people are turning to catering vehicles as a cheap way in. But is buying a cooking van for sale really a simpler way to get started? In this article we consider this much vexed question.

Cooking Van for Sale – The Short Answer

If you’re looking for a short answer to the question, then we are pleased to report that we can respond with a very affirmative “Yes”. There are a number of clear advantages of getting into the catering industry by buying a cooking van for sale. One such benefit is that there are cheaper start up costs because the vans are generally much less expensive than static shops. Running costs also tend to be less pricey. Owing to the diminutive size of a catering van, plots are smaller, which in general means cheaper rent. Additionally, fewer staff are required to man the operation, which means reduced overheads on things like employee wages.

As well as being relatively cheap, a cooking van can also prove very lucrative. The vehicles are mobile so can move from place to place. This is very useful from a business stand point because it allows owners to relocate to an area temporarily should a busy event, like a music concert, be taking place. Despite the many advantages of buying a cooking van for sale, there are still a few things that you should consider, which we look at next.

Van Conversion

Cooking Van for Sale – Things to Consider

A major potential pitfall is that you do not sell the right products from your van. Good food can take a while to prepare, however, anything that takes too long to make, say more than five minutes, should be avoided. This is because customers generally expect quick service from food vans as they have to wait outside, often without seating. It is also important to consider the equipment you need in your cooking van, this will ensure that you have everything in place to work as efficiently as possible.

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