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Fatigue Reduction Pod Aims To Improve Safety

Fatigue Reduction Pod & The Track Safety Alliance

The Track Safety Alliance (TSA) is an industry wide group which was formed in 2011 to allow a number of concerned stakeholders across the industry to develop and share best practice. This is largely focused on the improvement of health, safety and wellbeing of track workers. As part of their ongoing initiatives AJC Retail were asked to develop an innovative rail side kiosk for dispensing of hot drinks and refreshments.

The challenge of fatigue

Working on the rail infrastructure can often be physical and work can often taken place outside of normal working hours. People suffering from fatigue may find it hard to concentrate and make clear decisions thus increasing the risk of accidents. Being awake for 17 hours has the same impact as drinking 2 units of alcohol (which goes against safety guidelines). Anyone feeling fatigued should identify themselves from a safety perspective. People suffering from severe fatigue are likely to fall asleep.


Fatigue Prevention

Fatigue prevention is about making changes to your behavior and planning your time effectively between shifts. Having the correct nutrition and liquids will help maintain energy levels and it is important for workers within the railway to make use of the facilities provided. It can often be difficult to get hot drinks on remote sites but the latest Fatigue Reduction Pod could be an effective innovation.

About The Fatigue Reduction Pod

  • Highly visible hot drink dispenser that fits on a standard railway bogey
  • High performance hot water boiler provides almost instantaneous hot water for coffee / tea making
  • Internal storage of both consumables and ingredients provides enough stock for multiple days operation
  • Optional First Aid
  • Easily cleaned, maintained and restocked

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