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Modular Retail Units – Building Your Retail Empire, Piece by Piece

Modular retail units are tailored solutions that can help you to grow as a business, piece by piece. The units are extremely versatile and very easy to transport. They are great for small businesses making their mark in retail, as well as more established companies looking for a cost effective way to increase their presence in the industry. We take a closer look at this particular product in the following post – please continue reading for more information.

How They Work

The modular solutions are extremely straightforward. You simply choose the elements that you need for your retail store, based on floor space, and combine the individual units them to create a completely bespoke solution that meets your retail applications.

While the units are stand alone they can also be used in conjunction with and added to an existing display unit to increase footprint and capacity.

Modular Retail Units


The modular solutions are very easy to combine and just as simple to separate. What’s more, their compact size means that they are very easy to handle and transport. Indeed, the excellent mobility of the units ensures that you’re able to move from one plot to another, following footfall and maximising retail opportunities

Products & Services

The units are extremely versatile when it comes to what you can offer. They compatible with a wide range of different products. Ideal products for use with modular retail units include mobile phones, mobile phone covers and sweets, as well as shirts, sports memorabilia and seasonal goods, such as Father Christmas hats, Easter eggs and Halloween costumes.

The units can also be used to offer a range of services, including nail care and beautification, eyebrow threading and hairdressing.

Modular Retail Units – Find Out More

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