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Pop Up Retail Kiosks – Experts in Design, Manufacture & Installation

AJC Retail are experts in the design, manufacture and installation of pop up retail kiosks. The company offers a comprehensive range of design options and tailors each product to the requirements of an individual client.

Our clients have a range of customisable options, including

  • Size of kiosk
  • Type of kiosk
  • Equipment
  • Branding

We also offer a range of modular units that allow you to create the precise retail unit that you need. These units can be used to create a new unit from scratch or to add extra components to an existing unit.

retail merchandising unit holiday park kiosk from AJC Retail pop up retail kiosks

What Is a Pop Up Retail Kiosk?

A pop up retail kiosk is a type of booth used by professionals, and businesses in the retail industry. The retail units can be used to sell a wide variety of different goods and products, including comestibles and dry goods, as well as services such as eyebrow threading and nail painting.

The units can offer owners a number of benefits. One key benefit is cost. The units are available for relatively little money, while maintenance and upkeep costs are also very reasonable. Meanwhile, the compact nature of the kiosks means that plot costs are generally fairly inexpensive.

Significantly, short term leases are also available for pop up retail kiosks, the ensures that owners are able to take advantage of another great benefit: mobility. Mobility allows owners of the kiosks to follow footfall and provide service where there is most demand.

Locations that typically provide favourable conditions for pop up retail kiosks generally offer high footfall and customers who are on the go. These locations include, shopping centres, train stations, airports, music festivals, events centres, sports arenas.

Pop Up Retail Kiosks – Find Out more

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