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Portable Shops – Product Information

AJC Retail is a leading retail solutions provider in the UK. We create a range of custom products, including portable shops, well-known businesses, both big and small. Our high quality products are a common sight across the UK and can be found in a range of popular, high footfall locations. These highly trafficked locales include sports stadiums, airports and train stations, shopping centres and music festivals.

We are hugely experience outfit with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. We are committed to quality and specialise in bespoke solutions, delivering products to the exact specifications of customers.

  • Our range of portable shops includes:
  • Container Kiosks
  • Catering Kiosks
  • School kiosks
  • Railway kiosks
  • Rapid retail units

We also convert vans and trailers for use as retail units.

Portable Shops etail-Merchandising-Unit-Withn-Shopping-Centre-AJC-Retail-Solutions

All of our products can be kitted out with the equipment you need to succeed. This includes cabinets, lighting and catering equipment.

Growing Popularity of Portable Shops

There was a time when the presence of portable shops was scarce in the UK commerce industry. However, today the mobile units are ubiquitous and continue to grow in popularity. This increase is in no small part down to the huge range of benefits that the booths can provide for both vendors and customers – which is something people are now waking up to.

For vendors benefits include cheap start up and running costs, low plot rent and mobility, the latter of which offers the ability to follow football. The units also offer great visibility.

Customers, meanwhile, benefit from quick service and their favourite products in a convenient location.

Portable Shops – Find Out More

Click the following link to find out more about portable shops or for more information on welfare cabins, click here.

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