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Portableshops – Why Portable?

When it comes to retail or catering solutions, portableshops can be key in gaining an advantage, in what is often a difficult market. Portability allows a business owner to be where the customers are, rather than waiting for the customer to come to the ever declining high street. Not only can a portableshop be in area with a high footfall of potential customers but they also use less space than your “normal” shop, which often allows low plot rents, cheap start up and running costs. For these reasons and more portableshops are growing in popularity in the UK.


While the idea of constantly moving a business and setting up again may seem like a lot of unnecessary of work to some, this however, is the greatest strength of a portableshop, its portability. The ability to take the business straight to the consumer, the kiosk can be brought to areas with high volumes of foot traffic, such as on market days, festivals or even just a new location when the weather is good. With a portable shop kiosk the business can be at the forefront of every event.

portable outdoor shops portableshops


Finding the right product can be difficult and time consuming, luckily AJC offers a wide range of portableshops. From converted vans or trailers, which add even more maneuverability than other portableshops, as well as larger products such as kiosks, whether it be a container kiosk or a custom made kiosk built to the clients’ exact specifications. AJC has a large showroom with a comprehensive display of Trailers and Catering equipment to help the client with their ideas.


AJC is a leading retail solutions provider in the UK. High quality, tailor made products can be viewed in production at their 32,000 sq ft facility. Design, consultation, manufacture and branding are the key elements of the AJC service. Everything manufactured must pass a rigorous quality control process before leaving the factory, which includes the trade associations own legislation and of course quality standards.

Portableshops – Find Out More

Click the following link to find out more about portableshops or for more information on welfare cabins, click here.

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