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Rapid Retail Unit – Making Fast Money in High Footfall Areas

The UK tourism industry is huge and continues to grow apace. It will be worth £257 billion by 2025 and nearly 35% of this is accounted by visitor attractions alone. However, with so many events taking place outside or only during certain times of the year – or both, in the case of sport and festivals – the tourism / high traffic market can be difficult to access via traditional means of commerce, such as brick and mortar outlets. So how can you tap into this potentially lucrative market? The answer is the rapid retail unit. We take a look in the following post, please continue reading if you would like to find out more.

What Is a Rapid Retail Unit?

A rapid retail unit is a compact kiosk or booth. The units can be manned by just a single member of staff and some units are even entirely autonomous. They can be used to target high footfall locations and offer great visibility, making them ideal for anyone trying to break into the visitor attraction industry.

The units offer a number of potential benefits:

Low Overheads – rapid retail units are relatively cheap to buy in comparison to static shops. This is a factor that helps to greatly reduce start up costs.

Low Running Costs – the units are also pretty economical to run too, with low maintenance costs and plot rent.

Target Traffic – the units are mobile. This is a hugely beneficial factor that allows you to specifically target high traffic locations, from music festivals and concerts to football and rugby matches.

Versatile – whether you want to sell souvenirs, magazines or comestibles, the units can be kitted out with all the kit you need to maximise your profitability.

temporary portable retail store Rapid Retail Unit

Rapid Retail Unit – Find Out More

Click the following link to find out more about rapid retail unit solutions or for more information on welfare cabins, click here.

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