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Van Conversion – A Complete Range of Services Available

AJC Retail is a van conversion company with huge experience in the industry. Having been established all the way back in 1964 we have built up an extensive back catalogue of work across the various aspects of van conversions. We offer our clients a complete range of services, from consultation to full fit outs – as we discuss further in this post.


While the technical aspects of a van conversion are vitally important to a project, it is often the practicalities that can make or break a business once it is in operation. With our consultation service we are able to offer our clients valuable insight and guidance into the aspects of a van conversion that can be easy to overlook.

This includes external factors, such as the visual design of a vehicle, as well as those imperative internal considerations, like the specialist equipment that may be required for food preparation.


When it comes to converting vans, we are something of a one stop shop. In addition to consultation, design and fit outs we also carry out the majority of the manufacturing required for a conversion project. We do this in our large, 32,000 square foot facility based in Bedfordshire. By carrying out our own manufacturing, we find that this helps to streamline a project. In addition to increasing production efficiency, our facility provides clients the chance to see our current and previous work.

Classic Catering Vans

New and Old Van Conversion

Whether you have a brand new van or an older model, we are able to help. With our extensive experience in the industry, we have seen and converted a vast variety of vehicles and, as such, are equally adept at working with vans both new and old.

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