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AJC Gastronorm 1 x 1/2 & 2 x 1/4 Dry

Ideal for the purpose of gentle heating or storing of food. Designed for safely keeping soups, sauces, gravy, salads & pre cooked food at the legally required temperature.

  • D Type Bain Marie, including 1 x 1/2 & 2 x 1/4 stainless steel pans 150mm deep complete with lids, Dry heat operation only, Stainless Steel Body, Easy to maintain.
  • LPG Gas, Piezo Ignition for ease of start up & user safety, control knob with variable heat setting.
  • Fitted with a safety device with cuts off the supply of gas if for any reason the flames go out.
  • -Power: 1.75 KW -Weight: -Dimensions: H260 W360 D570
bain marie
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