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Create Your Retail Environment.

Mobile retail units are available in a spectrum of varieties. They may be big or small; in your face or discreet; and, of course, fixed or freestanding and mobile. In this post, we concentrate on the latter variation of the humble retail unit and discuss a couple of the many benefits of mobility in the world of retail.

Follow Footfall

The ability to follow footfall is a major advantage of owning mobile retail units.

With a static unit, an owner relies on heavy footfall year round. This can be an unreliable business model and may leave an owner unable to maximise profitability.

For instance, a static unit located in a shopping centre may be extremely busy during certain periods of the year, such as the build up to Christmas, and in a position to sell a lot of products.

However, at other times of the year when numbers dwindle in the shopping centre, profits may fall considerably.

Conversely, an owner of a retail unit has the advantage of being able to follow footfall to take advantage of high volume events, such as music concerts or sporting festivals. This ensures that the owner is able to maximise profits throughout the year.

Plot Twists

Finding the right plot is an extremely important part of owning a retail unit. It is a process, in fact, that can make or break a business. However, it is difficult to predict the future, no matter how much research has been conducted.

With a static unit, you may be tied down to a long term rent deal on a particular plot. If the plot turns out not to be as profitable as you had hoped, it may be difficult and potentially costly to be released from the deal.

On the other hand, the shorter plot deals for mobile units means that if you find that your current area of commerce isn’t quite working for you, you have the freedom to up sticks and try somewhere else.

The Design Process

Take your ideas to reality.
The design and layout of your retail kiosk and selection of appropriate equipment are critical to your business success. The equipment you choose will significantly impact on how your Kiosk performs. We can help you design a layout that maximises income whether it be high output coffee or through a ‘grab and go’ concept.We will contact an initial site visit to understand your needs.

mobile retail units retail display units
Mobile Retail units
Mobile Retail Units


The Design Process
The design process is critical to taking your ideas to reality. The design and layout of your unit and selection of appropriate equipment are critical to your business success.
Clear Understanding
Once we have a clear understanding of your needs, we will provide you with a line by line quote along and discuss the potential layout of your unit.
Produce a 3D Drawing
Once the order is finalised, we can then produce a 3D drawing giving you detailed information for your approval, along with presentation visuals if desired.
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